Monday, February 27, 2006

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1)Canadian Girls Kick ***
3)This is not a competition of the sexes or anything, but man, or girls are kicking some major Olympic butt. Of our current 18 medals, 14 have been won by women. I am not sure how important that is, but given some of the comments I heard yesterday about the men’s hockey game I though it was important to mention. Some yokel from a some sports bar said “hockey [read men’s hockey] is the only sport Canadian’s watch”. So, um, wrong. For some reason men’s hockey seems to be “tied with our psyche” and other sillyness. Hockey is one game and one medal. What did we learn from the women’s game? A team that actually plays together for more than a week has a way better chance of winning. A team of individual “best” players cannot beat a team that together is the best - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And why the heck am I talking about hockey?! We kicked ass at skiing, and skating yesterday and this morning won bronze in curling... like really won it. Kicked ass in fact - they stopped after 8 ends because of the massive ass kicking being delivered by the Canadians. And the whole 1 2 finish in the 1500m - pretty great. That is a remarkably exciting sport. I wouldn’t have expected it, what with it being just skating and all. I watched the rebroadcast last night - they had a live feed from Winnipeg where Cindy’s old school in Winnipeg was watching here go. How cool is that. I was all tense and with the on the edge of my seat-ness. Yep, the Olympics are cool. Here is a shout out to all our athletes - you all kick ass! Hey, that should be our new theme! Your Olympics athletes - Kickin’ Ass for Canada!


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