Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today in class we looked at another classes blog and then we learned how to make the your post with colour, bold your words and other things.. If you wanted to make your post have a link you would have to highlight a word then click on the world with the links on it "beside the text colours" .. We also learned how to upload and post pictures to our blog.. you click on the picture beside the ABC spellcheck.. after its done and its in your post you can position it anywhere.. or use the "left, right, and center" .. the one that says none means that you can put your picture anywhere you want it to be....

After we talked about that we reviewed some things about angles..
then we did an assignment that was on the "smartboard" it looked like this kind of.. and we had find 10 different angles in the picture..

they are.. (angle)BFD (angle)AFB (angle)AFE (angle)EFB (angle)DFC (angle)EFD (angle)AFC (angle)BFC (angle)AFD (angle)EFC

had to use word (angle) because computer wouldn't let me use that symbol =\ ..

We looked over our homework after and it was questions 12-16

After that we had to draw an acute, obtuse and reflex angle.. they looked like this.......

Then we did this work that looked like this.. first one is a straight angle and its 180 degrees "(angle)GHI" second one is an obtuse angle and its greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 "(angle)JKL"....

then finally we drew complementary and supplementary angles

Complementary Supplementary

Thats all the things that we did in class today .. and homework is the 3 point approach sheets that has the angles and stuff on it..ITS DUE ON THURSDAY..

The next scribe is MELDEE ..


At 10:44 p.m., Blogger Mr. Reece said...

Amazing job Chenda, thank you for being the scribe for the day

Mr. R


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