Sunday, April 16, 2006

Scribe Notes for Thursday, April 13, 2006.

Mr. Reece told us that there was a new scribe list he put up. We started the class with of course mental math. We then passed it to our neighbours to mark it. After mental math, Kim then handed out two lids to each group. Ashley also handed out on string of yarn to each group and Mr. Reece gave us meter sticks. Then Mr. Reece put up the only shape that isn't a polygon on the over-head, the circle. He showed us all the characteristics of the circle. He then showed us the " Center " of a circle. which is obviously the center of it :
Diameter : A line from one edge to another passing through the center.

Radius : Goes from the center, to the edge.

Circumfrence: Is the perimiter of the circle

We then did an activity where we used all the supplies everyone had handed out and figured out each of the attributed of the circle. Class was then over. We had no homework. But there is a blogger assignment due on April 19th, 06. The next scribe will be .....

LENAAARD SERAPIO-oh-oh-oh oh..


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