Sunday, May 28, 2006

Growing Post

Growing Post#2

1a) Create a t-chart showing how many baseballcards Jack has at the end of the next 4 months.

1b) Create an algebraic formula based upon the problem above
180+25*n (month)

1c) If Jack just turned 8 years old this month and Jack continues to buy the same amount of baseball cards each month, how many baseball cards will Jack have when he turns 12?
Jack will have 1380 baseball cards.

2a) If Jackie thinks that there will be four people at the party (counting herself) how many pizza's should she order?
She should order two pizza's.

2b) If two more people show up at the party how many more pizza's does she need to order?
SHe would need to order one more pizza.

3a) Calculate how much money Kathy will have in one year.

3b)Suppose Kathy counted wrong and she really has $25 in her account instead of $20.
Change the algebraic to reflect this miscalculation.
25+15*n or 25+15n




Growing post #3

1) What is the difference between an algebraic expression and an equation? Give an example of both an expression and an equation.
The difference is that equation is that the variable is only one number and in an expression it can be any number.

2)What is a variable and why do we use one in algebra?
A variable is a letter that represents a number. We use them in algebra because they allow instructions to be specified in a general way.

3)Solve for N
-4 -4

4)Solve the following equations. Show all of the steps that are needed.
8/8 11/8
n =1.375


I will be first at the 2000m line.


At 10:29 p.m., Blogger Mr. Reece said...

nice graph leslie. You have some problems with question 4.

You didn't solve the second part of question 3. Yes a triangle is = 5 but what is N in the second diagram equal to?

At 5:49 p.m., Blogger Mr. Reece said...

Your mark for post 2 is 17/17 - 3 for late. Your mark for post 3 is 17/30


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