Monday, May 22, 2006

Scribe notes

Hi, it's Meldee. Sorry if the scribe notes are late, I was at my grandma's house for the weekend and I just got back home today. Well, here goes. On friday, we talked about Words and Symbols. This is what Mr. Reece told us to write down in our notebooks (the answers will be right beside the questions):

1. A number increases by 5 -n+5
2. A number decreases by 7 -n-7
3. A number divided by 3 - n divided by 3 (my keyboard doesn't have a divide sign...)
4. The sum of 7 and a number -7+n
5. A number muliplied by 4 -n*4
6. 8 subtracted from a number - n-8
7. A number subtracted from 9 -9-n
8. Half of a number -n divided by 2
9. 25 divided by a number -25 divided by n
10. 10 decreased by n -10-n

After that, we talked about Algebraic Expressions vs. Equation. We had ALOT to take down for this. Here's the stuff you need to take down:

Expression: In an expression, we get to choose the value of the variable.
Example- 3+4n=??

Equation: In an equation, the value of the variable is given.
Example- 3+4n=19

Steps for solving algebraic equations
1. Solve all brackets.
(8-2)n+5n=18+2n becomes 6n+5n=18+2n
2.Combine like terms that are on the same side of the "=" symbol (This really doesn't make offence Mr.Reece)
{6n+5n}=18+2n becomes 11n=182n
3. Combine all variables onto one side of the "=" sign.
11n=18+2n becomes 11n-2n=18+2n-2n then it becomes 9n=18
4. Solve the given variables.
9n=18 becomes 9n= 18
--- ---
9 9
So basicly we find out what n is equal to. N=2.
Well, that's all. Later.


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thanks for the great scribe notes!


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