Monday, May 15, 2006

Voluntary scribe notes

Ok, since no one has been the scribe for how long, I thought it would be nice if I "voluntaraly" did the scribe notes. Well, today in class, we talked about the growing post and that it was due either on blogger by tomrrow morning or on paper by 3:30 or 3:35. We also got a new growing post sheet and that we'll be talking about it through out the week. The next growing post sheet isn't due until next tuesday, which will be May 23 with the same options as the 1st growing post. We also did a math sheet that has to do with adding, dividing, multipling and subtracting decimals. The sheet also told us to round to a specific place value. That sheet is homework and is due tomrrow. Well, there you have it. The "voluntary scribe notes" I took the time to do. Oh and Mr. Reece, I won't be at school tomrrow because I'm sick so I hope i'll get the marks for tomrrow for doing this.

Till I choose to do this again, Meldee


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