Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Homework, Due Monday by 3:30pm

Ok everyone let me first start of by saying how enthusiastic I am to give all of you the opportunity to have more input into your learning of Mathematics. My hope is that all of you will use this virtual class space to help each other succeed in math this year. Remember this is your web blog, so treat your classmates with respect while using the blog how you see fit, be it asking questions, answering questions posed by other students or myself, maybe sharing a math brain teaser or link to another website or blog that everyone can benefit from.

So here is your assignment for the upcoming weekend. You are to use either the search function in blogger, or a search engine such as to find either a blog or website that is relevant to middle years mathematics (any grades from 6 to 8). You need to send me either the blog address, or the web address along with a two to five sentence summary of what the blog or website is about.
CHANGE****You are to create a new post to answer this question. Include both the link to the blog or website and the 2 to 4 sentence discription as to how this link involves math. One restriction. You Cannot use the same link as someone else on this blog.

So happy searching and blogging everyone!


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