Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Try this!

-The Deweys' car gets 20 miles per gallon
-The Stones' car gets 30 miles per gallon
-The Webers' car gets 15 miles per gallon
-The Golds' car gets 24 miles per gallon

The Four families traveled from different places to vacation together at a lake.
The Deweys drove 210 miles.
The Webers drove 50 miles less than the Deweys drove.
The Golds drove 100 miles more than the Webers drove.
The Stones drove 110 miles more than the Webers drove.

How many gallons of gas did each family use to get to the lake? (Round answers to the nearest tenth.)

Try This!

Gino's mom has told him he needs to take a bucket of water over to their neighbor since she is experiencing problems with her water supply. He doesn't want to waste much time since he has a soccer game to play in later in the afternoon. From past experience he knows if he uses the small hose it takes 45 minutes to fill the bucket with water. He also knows that the larger hose can do the same in 30 minutes. If he uses both hoses, how long will it take him to fill the bucket?

Our class hasn't really learned alot about this, but try it anyways!


stephanie you did two of the same things.

answer this also!!!

ok if you go to a good charlotte concert at 7:00pm and you also have to go to a system of a down concert at 9:00pm how long will you be at the good charlotte

answer this


whats the answer??????

Monday, February 27, 2006


my comment on a game was posted in the link of http://nba06review.blogspot.com/.

home work

1)Canadian Girls Kick ***
3)This is not a competition of the sexes or anything, but man, or girls are kicking some major Olympic butt. Of our current 18 medals, 14 have been won by women. I am not sure how important that is, but given some of the comments I heard yesterday about the men’s hockey game I though it was important to mention. Some yokel from a some sports bar said “hockey [read men’s hockey] is the only sport Canadian’s watch”. So, um, wrong. For some reason men’s hockey seems to be “tied with our psyche” and other sillyness. Hockey is one game and one medal. What did we learn from the women’s game? A team that actually plays together for more than a week has a way better chance of winning. A team of individual “best” players cannot beat a team that together is the best - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And why the heck am I talking about hockey?! We kicked ass at skiing, and skating yesterday and this morning won bronze in curling... like really won it. Kicked ass in fact - they stopped after 8 ends because of the massive ass kicking being delivered by the Canadians. And the whole 1 2 finish in the 1500m - pretty great. That is a remarkably exciting sport. I wouldn’t have expected it, what with it being just skating and all. I watched the rebroadcast last night - they had a live feed from Winnipeg where Cindy’s old school in Winnipeg was watching here go. How cool is that. I was all tense and with the on the edge of my seat-ness. Yep, the Olympics are cool. Here is a shout out to all our athletes - you all kick ass! Hey, that should be our new theme! Your Olympics athletes - Kickin’ Ass for Canada!

FounD: Website

my comment was posted on "AMATEUR GAME REVIEWS" on the post called "medal of honour: frontline". and the web address is:http://myreviews24.blogspot.com/

the assignment.

the blog is called EAR FARM and I posted my comment on a post called "Weekend
Live Music". and the blog's address is...http://earfarm.blogspot.com/.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chat box

You have been doing a great job so far 7-42 with the blog, from creating amazing scribe posts, completing assignments, to being a responsible bloger with your posts and comments. Therefore I am giving you more power over your communication with one another. I have installed a chat box on your blog that will give you the power to not only chat real time with other class members, but links you with the blogs of all grade 7 math classes.

So be responsible with this new tool, I trust that no one will abuse it.

Happy blogging.

Mr. R

Assignment reminder

Remember everyone that there is an assignment posted on my blog that is due February 28th. Go to grade 7 math Blogorama to find the question.

Mr. R

here is an interesting grade 8 q|_|35t10n

George, Sam, Andrew and Brad each had four dates to four different dances with four different girls, named Cher, Connie, Melissa and Kendra. On the second date, George dated Connie and Brad dated Kendra. On the third date Andrew went out with Melissa and Sam went out with Connie. Melissa went out with George and Cher went out with Sam on the fourth date. What couples went out together on the first date if no pairs went out more than once?

Can you guess where I found this? 2 late: http://www.stfx.ca/special/mathproblems/grade8.html

ps, i wan2 put real names on this just to get shouted at
ps2 (get it?BOOYA) if sum1 fr gr 7 can solve this u r a genius
ps3 (Booyaagain) i don't think ne1 fr gr 8 can solve dis ither

my weekly q|_|35t10n

(insert person who eats a lot's name here) ate 100 cookies in five days. Each day he ate 6 more than the day before. How many cookies did he eat on the first day?

Again, this question was found at http://www.stfx.ca/special/mathproblems/grade7.html

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Scribe For Feb.24

Today when we came into class mr.reece told us that each class has a different color background and that the blogger as a language translator. Theres spanish, chinese, french, filipino and more. So then the whole time in class we spent our time making our model. So we have time to work on it on Monday and Tuesday, so we need all the materials we need for our model.

{ Jordan is the next scribe }

- maryrose chan

Friday, February 24, 2006

Language Translator

I've added a language translator to our blog site. This translator allows you to view the blog in any one of eight different languages.

To use the language translator simply click onto the flag corresponding to the language which you wish to covert the blog into.

Its that simple

Happy Blogging everyone!
Mr. R

Thursday, February 23, 2006

try this..

Rachel and Stephanie earn $5.15 an hour. Rachel works 13 hours each week and Stephanie works 20 hours per week. Stephanie does not get any paid vacation time. How long a vacation would Stephanie have to take to make the same amount of money as Rachel in one year?

What's the average?

If Michael Apuya gets 4 points on Friday 6 points on Monday and 2 points on Tuesday what's the average af point for Michael.

(These are not real results for Michael)

Do u remember how to do this?

3/10 X 6/10 =?


the answer would be that you would have 2.5 2 dollars and 5 cents.

byby ashley samson!!!!!!!


If I had 110$ and I spend it on 1 pair of 30.00$ dollar shoes a 25.50 $ cd player 2 10.00$ cd's and a 32.00 $ jersey how much money do ihave left?

how t get # to a %

I for got how to convert a number to a percent?

Scribe from feb.23

What we did today in class is Mr.recce check are homework which lenard didn't post on the blog.Are homework was to get percent's for are baby finger,arm spand and etc then we worked on are setup for are percent dolls in are percent book like length for baby finger and materials we want to use for our dolls well We also learned how to make a percent to a decimal.

( maryrose is the scribe next)

New look to the blog

As everyone might notice their is a new look to the blog today. As there are four seperate classes of grade 7 math, I have decided that all four classes should have their own unique look and feel to the blog.

So while everything has a new look to it here at 7-42, you should quickly be able to adapt to your posh new surroundings.

Have fun blogging everyone!

Mr. R

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ehh , another one .

The highest elevation in North America is Mt. McKinley, which is 20,320 feet above sea level. The lowest elevation is Death Valley, which is 282 feet below sea level. What is the distance from the top of Mt. McKinley to the bottom of Death Valley?

FiGURE it out.

A 800 seat multiplex is divided into 3 theatres. There are 270 seats in Theatre 1, and there are 150 more seats in Theatre 2 than in Theatre 3. How many seats are in Theatre 2?

braiin teaser .

Knotty Notation

A single drop of water (H2O) contains 1.7 quintillion molecules. In the chemistry lab, Gus is following a procedure that calls for him to add 30 drops of water to a solution. Gus must report how many hydrogen atoms he has added to the solution. He must write the answer in scientific notation.
What should Gus report?

uhhhh ...

If you get 30.5 out of 50 on a test what percent did you get out of a hundred ?

  • [ to figure this out you take the number, 30.5 or whatever number you got and multiply it by 100 and then you divide it by 50 or whatever it was out of and you get your percent. Thats how you figure out how much percent you got on a test . ]
  • uhh .. i think thats right ?

ehh , try this .

In 1969 the price of 5 kilograms of flour was $0.75. In 1970 the price was increased 15 percent. In 1971, the 1970 price was decreased by 5 percent. What was the price of 5 kilograms of flour in 1971?

scribe notes feb.22

We spent 20 minutes of looking on the blogger and looking how to make a scribe notes. We find it in scribe links and in the class we measure our body with a person also we measure thats persons body. We learn about percent and dividing the percent and writing about the percent. The home work we got is calculating the body percent.

How to calculate percent of our body parts compare to our body
formula= the size of the body part/total body size. this gives us a decimal but we want a percentage so you have to * by a 100.

example: my foot is 24cm. My height is 154cm. So the percentage of my foot to my body is
24/154 = 0.1558441 * by 100 = 16%

tommorow's scribe is melvin P

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

.:**§©Ř¡ßË ÑØŦÊŞ**:.

Question 1
Sandy and Sue each has a whole number of dollars. I ask them how many dollars they have.Sandy says: "If Sue gives me some dollars, we'll have the same amount of money. But if I give Sue the same number of dollars, she'll have twice as much money as I have."Sue says: "And if you remove the first digit of my wealth and place it to the end, you'll get Sandy's wealth."If neither of them has more than 1 million dollars, how many dollars do they each have?
(Very Hard)

Question 2
What two numbers are used in this number pattern?50, 50, 100, 100, 50, 51, 53, 52, 50....
(Its not what it seems the number has to be for all not just the first four)

Question 3
A9543B represents a six-digit number in which A and B are digits different from each other. The number is divisible by 11 and also by 8.What digit does A and B represent?



Some help with the scribe notes

Check out this link on my blog. It provides you with the information that you need in order to post some great scribe notes for your classmates.

Have fun with the scribe everyone!

Mr. R

Sunday, February 19, 2006

and another question

Three ducks and two ducklings weigh 32 kg. Four ducks and three ducklings weigh 44kg. All ducks weigh the same and all ducklings weigh the same. What is the weight of two ducks and one duckling?

this question was found at http://www.stfx.ca/special/mathproblems/grade7.html

here's another website

i found a math website that has a lot of other math related websites on it. its
have fun

extremely hard brain-teaser.

Soccer Seats

The Centerville Soccer Field has 2 sections of seats, with 20 rows in each section. Each section has the same number of seats. There are fewer seats in the first row (row A) than in the last row (row T). The number of seats increases from row A to row T according to a pattern. The table below shows the number of seats for rows G through O of one section. Seats for the coming event to raise money for a homeless shelter sell for $3 each. All expenses will be paid by the local bank.
Row--Number of Seats
G-- 72
H-- 75
I-- 78
J-- 83
K-- 86
L-- 89
M-- 94
N-- 97
O-- 100
If all the seats are sold, how much money will be raised?

problem solving questions.

7. Glitz has red, orange, and green shirts; gray and brown belts; and yellow and white shoes. How many different outfits are possible ?

Shirts=3 Belts=2 Shoes=2

  1. 1.Redshirt,graybelt,yellowshoe
  2. red shirt,graybelt,whiteshoe
  3. red shirt,brownbelt,yellowshoe
  4. redshirt,brownbelt,whiteshoe
  5. orangeshirt,brownbelt,yellowshoe
  6. orangeshirt,graybelt,whiteshoe
  7. orangeshirt,graybelt,yellowshoe
  8. orangeshirt,brownbelt,whiteshoe
  9. greenshirt,brownbelt,yellowshoe
  10. greenshirt,brownbelt,yellowshoe
  11. greenshirt,graybelt,whiteshoe
  12. greenshirt,graybelt,yellowshoe

3 x2 x 2 = 12

by nathaniel,allan and mark.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Mr. Reece. am i still aloud to hand in the quiz corrections ? i didn't see you in the morning because i came late.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

problem solving questions

There are 6 essay questions on the history test, lettered a, b, c, d, e, and f. If you can choose any 2 of the 6 questions to answer, how many different selections can you make ?

15 selections .
a+b, a+c, a+d a+e, a+f,
b+c, b+d, b+e, b+f,
c+d, c+e, c+f,
d+e, d+f,

What do you call it when a royal ruler climbs a mountain ?
High King

group :
Michael, Peggy, Marielle, Matthew B.

problem solving question..

Question 2.

2. At Maverick Middle School, each student must take 3 of these 4 classes: music, art, drama, or keyboarding. How many different combinations do students have from which to choose?
4 combinations
1. music, art and drama 2. music, art and keyboarding
3. keyboarding, drama and music 4. keyboarding, drama and art

What do you call it when a Royal Ruler Climbs a Mountain?
ANSWER: High King

Chenda, Lisa, Akilah and Meldee

Class Scribe

Starting the Week of February 20th, we will be using a class scribe to record the class lesson and post it onto your blog.

On Monday we will cover the concept of the scribe post and what is expected of you.

Mr. R

Tuesday, February 14, 2006



um...... the people on the scribe list that is not our class and i don't get it can you please explan it so me tommorow. and are we supose to interveiw soemone or something????????

byby ashley samson!!!
(ps can i stay after skool for a few days so that i can try to finish my TLE. and stephanie to)
What is all the homework that ashley szmadyla has to do becasue i will tell her and i will help her on it. ashley szmadyla said that she might not come to skool for the rest of the week so yea.

NEW SITE!!!!!!

hey i found a math site http://www.braingle.com/Math.html try it out it has hundreds of math questions

Monday, February 13, 2006

TLE lessons due for Report Card

These TLE assignments are part of the second term report card and therefore are due before friday morning at 9am so that I can record your grade for term 2.

Decimal Conversions
Introduction to Integers
Adding Integers
Subtracting Integers
Exploring Decimals

Remember both the worksheets and computer self check marks are due.

Multiplying Decimals will be due at a later period in time.

Enjoy Spirit Week everyone and remember to check my blog at least once a week as there is always a new weekly assignment.

Mr. R

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


mr.reece when can me and ashley sz and stephanie stay to do TLE. is ti due next week or this week.

thanxz byby ashley samson

Monday, February 06, 2006


Your homework for monday Feb 6th is Worksheet 3.12, the entire page.

Here are some hints for a few of the questions
10. you need to solve inside the brackets first (6 x 7) and then multiply it by 1/2.
14. Solve 12 x 1/2 then multiply by 1.6 to get the answer
25. Try multiplying first and see if this helps
26. 12.3 would equal 11.3 + 1. Is there a way to get this?
27. What is 18 x 2 = ? Can you somehow get this number with 19 - 7 x 3 ?

Mr. R

Sunday, February 05, 2006


When was our tle due? Also do we get another class to do it?


hey mr.Reece, when are we going to find out what we got on our timelines/when are we going to get them back?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Assignment due Feb 6

The next blogger assignment is available on my blog, grade 7 math Blogorama. This assignment is a math question that you must answer by leaving a comment to this post on my blog.

Happy puzzle solving everyone!

Mr. R

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

here's a classic

so.. if a train from Blatown which is 2000km from Blaciti, leaves at 8:00pm on sunday and travels at 200km/h what time and day will the train reach Blaciti? although this may seem easy at first, remember that hours have 60 mins, and that days have 24 hrs with 12 pm hrs and 12 am hrs