Sunday, March 26, 2006

lv 3

so... Three people share a car for a period of one year and the mean number of kilometers travelled by each person is 152 per month. How many kilometers will be travelled in one year?

man this is so easy im almost mad @ myself 4 puttin it on...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey Lisa here whats up today we did a quiz I thought that is was really eazy execpt for number14 I did noty get it.

Well Byebye

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pizza Angles

If Hellens gets a pizza that's cut into four quarters what kind of angle would it be if you got one slice?

If George gets a pizza that's cut into eights slices what kind of angle would he have with three slices put together?


The TLE lesson Classifying Angles is Due Friday by 12pm. If you have not yet finished this TLE Lesson remember that the computers in my room are open for use before and after school.

This does not include the TLE worksheet, only the computer portion for Angles. My appologies for any confusion

Mr. R

Friday, March 17, 2006

Renegade? level 2

Fred picked four numbers out of a hat. The average of the four numbers is 9. If three of the numbers are 5, 9 and 12, then what is the fourth number?

man this 1 makes smy head hurt! well do your best ne1!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The rent-a-stall horse barn has stalls for 1000 horses. Forty percent of the stalls are for ponies. On Tuesday, there were 200 ponies and a bunch of quarter horses at the horse barn. The horse barn was 75 percent full.
How many quarter horses were in the stalls?



Today in math class we had a substitute. The substitute was Ms. Maan.
We went to the junior high computer lab to work on the learning equation. First we had to finish the unit on angle mesures. Once we have finished that we worked on angles and paraell lines. Then after you have finished we worked on a unit on triangles.

The next scribe is


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

site .

mm .. found this site about angles :

Loss of use

A select individuals have abused the chatbox feature on our blogs. Therefore I have no choice but to at least temporarily remove the chatbox from the blogs. If the individuals responsible for the inappropriate comments come forward and discuss this issue with me I will be able to return the chatbox to your blog.

Unfortunatly I cannot tolorate comments such as those that had been left in the chatbox. Any further comments such as these in class or on the blog will be sent to the administration and your parents will be contacted.

Remember that comments that you leave on a blog now remain on the net in some form forever, therefore what we may percieve as a joke right now, might come back to haunt us in the future.

Mr. Reece

Proper profiles

I am requesting that anyone who has any form of personal information in their user profile to remove it immediatly. If your nickname contains personal information I suggest that you change it as well.

Personal information includes
Last name
Phone number
Names of brothers/sisters/parents

Any other information that identifies you beyond your screen name or first name.

I do not want to have to remove you as a contributer from the blog, but I will be forced to in order to protect you if you cannot act in a safe manner on the blog.

Mr. R


Today in class we started looking at something new. We started to do opposite and alternate angles. Mr.Reece showed us how to use these angles.

Definiton: Alternate angles are interior angles on the opposite side side of the intersecting line.
Defintion: Opposite angles only share the same vertex and are found directly across the vertex from each other. Opposite angles are equal to each other.

This is what we did during class today. Mr. Reece's directions for us was to put 3 or 4 alternate and opposite angles in this diagram. Here is a example

We also started talking about triangles. Mr. Reece told us to make a circle with the word triangle in it and write the things we know about triangles. This is what I think I know about triangles.

- shapes
- angles
- diagrams
- isosceles
- scalene
- equilateral

These are the things we did in class today.
Tomorrow's scribe is Mackenzie Sheilds.!.!.! =)

Monday, March 13, 2006

check this outt

check this website out :
It teachs you how to use a protractor . You can move the protractor and guess the degrees [ is it degrees or something else ? ] .

figure it .

Alex, Fred and Thomas run at constant rates. In a race of 1,000m, Alex finished 200m ahead of Fred and 400m ahead of Thomas. When Fred finished, how far was he ahead of Thomas? (in m)

Scribe Notes for Monday, March 13, 2006.

Today in class, we looked at Michael Apuya's scribe notes from Friday , March 10'th. Mr. Reece congratulated michael on doing a great job and told him that single assignment was worth two assignment marks and that blogger is 5% of our math grade. He also said that if you complete scribes similar to his work you can get great marks. Mr.Reece then showed us a review of the complimentary and supplementary angles on the smart board.

A supplementary angle is that sum of two or more angles that add up to 180 degrees in total.

Definition : A complimentary angle is the sum of two of more angles that add up to 90 degrees in total.

Mr. Reece then showed us angles of intersecting lines and showed us opposite angles. He also explained that all opposite angles are equal in degrees.

By looking at other lines in the figure you could figure out what degree each angle is. Example : C is 30 degrees. You know that because 180 - 150 = 30. Since the line is straight.

Then Mr. Reece showed us Parallel lines by using Hockey and Football as an example with the blue line and red line and the 40 and 50 yard line.

Definition : Two or more lines that never intersect.

Mr. Reece then showed us Transversal line

Definition: A transversal line intersects two or more lines at different points.

Mr. Reece then showed us Co-Interior angles and Co-Exterior angles.

Defenition of Co-Interior angles : They are angles inside the parallel lines.

Defenition of Co-Exterior angles : They are angles outside the parallel lines.

Mr. Reece then gave us the rest of class to do our homework. The homework was pages 10.4 (2-24)only on 8,10,12,14 write number(s) (even only),10.5 (3-12). - Melvin posted this earlier.

The scribe for tomorrow is .......... Kimberly Ibalio !

Before i forget ... THINK PINK !


Can you find three consecutive even numbers that total 85008 when multiplied together?


Homework for today was pages 10.4 (2-24)only on 8,10,12,14 write number(s) (even only),10.5 (3-12)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

this 1 is just 4 renegade

u asked 4 it:

Bart Simpson goes to the corner store and buys an equal number of 35 cent and 30 cent candies for $22.75 (that's a lot of candy!!) How many candies did he buy?

ne1 else can try this 1 too.

this was at here.

brainkilla of da week

The points A, B, C, D, and E are located on a straight line in order.
The distance from A to E is 20cm.
The distance from A to D is 15cm.
The distance from B to E is 10cm.
C is halfway between B and D.
What is the distance from B to C?

can you guess where i found this?


Friday, March 10, 2006

SCriBe nOTeS

During class today, we started with a pop quiz on naming and drawing angles, then we corrected it in class. The quiz was out of 10. Then we looked at the blogs of various classes, and Mr. Reece's blog. We congratulated Chenda on her amazing scribe notes, and afterwards, Mr Harbeck came and told us about the blog, scribe notes, and the fact that people out of our community, city, and even country looked at our blogs. Negatively, he also said that we're not allowed in his room anymore because some took a mouse's trackballs. Than we looked at new things. Intersecting lines and perpendicular lines.

Intersecting lines - 2 lines that cross each other in exactly one place.
Line AE crosses line DC at point B

Perpendicular Lines- 2 intersecting lines that cross at 90 degrees to each other.

Line m crosses line i at imaginary point Z

Mr Reece also checked our yellow 3 point approach today, and our homework due monday is in the math textbook, page 265: #1, #2, and #5-#10

The next scribe is...the boogeyman (nathaniel)

i couldn't upload my images fr my computer idunno why so i got some from google
searches. was where i got the pic of a intersecting line & was where i got the perpendicular line

- michael

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scribe notes

Today we had a sub because Mr. Reece went on the field trip with the other gr. 7 kids. Our sub was Mr. Bartz. During class, we did a math sheet that had to do with protractors. We had to measure specific angles using the protractors. Then we had to make certain angles with the protractor. Then during science, we did TLE. The TLE we did was on angles as well. It's due on March 20th so you better get the computer and sheet stuff done soon! Well, that's all I can think of.....oh yeah! The next scribe is.....dum da da dum Micheal! Well, hoped this helped you if you wern't here!

-By Meldee


For the example we have to put a object for example for obtuse a stop sign or acute a pencil's tip

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I need help on the 3 point approach. What do we put for the examples for the angles? Do we put the degrees of the angle? or do we put an object that has that angle?



Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today in class we looked at another classes blog and then we learned how to make the your post with colour, bold your words and other things.. If you wanted to make your post have a link you would have to highlight a word then click on the world with the links on it "beside the text colours" .. We also learned how to upload and post pictures to our blog.. you click on the picture beside the ABC spellcheck.. after its done and its in your post you can position it anywhere.. or use the "left, right, and center" .. the one that says none means that you can put your picture anywhere you want it to be....

After we talked about that we reviewed some things about angles..
then we did an assignment that was on the "smartboard" it looked like this kind of.. and we had find 10 different angles in the picture..

they are.. (angle)BFD (angle)AFB (angle)AFE (angle)EFB (angle)DFC (angle)EFD (angle)AFC (angle)BFC (angle)AFD (angle)EFC

had to use word (angle) because computer wouldn't let me use that symbol =\ ..

We looked over our homework after and it was questions 12-16

After that we had to draw an acute, obtuse and reflex angle.. they looked like this.......

Then we did this work that looked like this.. first one is a straight angle and its 180 degrees "(angle)GHI" second one is an obtuse angle and its greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 "(angle)JKL"....

then finally we drew complementary and supplementary angles

Complementary Supplementary

Thats all the things that we did in class today .. and homework is the 3 point approach sheets that has the angles and stuff on it..ITS DUE ON THURSDAY..

The next scribe is MELDEE ..

Does anyone know their angles?

How many acute,obtuse, and right angles are in the following words?


If you answer this you'll be the HUGE-Brain of the week and recieve 2000 acres of hot air. (Just kidding.)

Matt B.

Monday, March 06, 2006

To Anyone Who Bothers To Read This

Answer this question and you could be the next Large-Brain Of The Week: How many acute angles are on 13 and- a- half stop signs? (the winners will recieve cheaply made certificates)

From: matt b.


on thursday can there be no homework i am not going to be home to do it so yea. please no homewrok on thrusday.

FROM: ashley samson

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The q|_|3710n of the week by michael

A 800 seat multiplex is divided into 3 theatres. There are 270 seats in Theatre 1, and there are 150 more seats in Theatre 2 than in Theatre 3. How many seats are in Theatre 2?

This is a grade 7 question, so it shouldn't be too hard to solve.

(Courtesy of

ps: I've noticed lots of people have used this site for the blog!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


today in class we were talking about angles or whatever it is called. we found out that there are acute angles, straight angles, adn some other ones i don't remeber. we akso started to talk about our porfolioa's and how they had to be.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Today we worked on our math portfolios. We got stuff back from Mr.Reece and we had to choose what to put in our portfolios. Like our tests, worksheets, timeline, and tle booklet and for the technology part we choose from blogger or TLE on the computer. We also have to write why we chose certain things to put in our portfolios.

The next scibe is
Ashley Sa.

i know

Im very sorry i did the same thing twice thank you 4 reminding me ashley !! lolz but i already knew that okie dokie hehe


Percent Models

Remember that the percent dolls booklet and the model itself are due Thursday in class. You will be evaluated on both the booklet and your model. You need to make sure that all members of your group are written on the last page of your book, and that you have identified your model as belonging to your group.

Mr. R